Director of Student Support
Joined the Team in 2020

Marisa Williams is the Director of Student Support for Pk-8 at Dorothy Height Charter School. In this role, she oversees the RTI process from intervention through evaluation, Special Education, and English Language Learner program. Marisa manages the Intervention Coordinator, Accommodations Coordinator, Special Education Coordinator, Mental Health Dean, and English Language Learner Coordinator. She actively plans data for SBLC meetings with the Principal, Directors of Curriculum and Instruction, and the Evaluation Team. She also works closely with school psychologists to schedule necessary testing, initial IEP disseminations, parent updates, and hosting outside testers.

Marisa joined Height in 2020 as the Dean of Special Education and transitioned to the Director of Student Support in 2022.

Marisa is a native of Akron, Ohio, raised in Louisville, Kentucky. She acquired her Bachelor in Family Science from the University of Kentucky and her Master’s in Educational Technology with a focus on School Technology Coordination from Boise State University.

Marisa has spent the duration of her career in special education. She is passionate about ensuring that all scholars have appropriate support while creatively integrating technology to reach their highest Height.