Planes, trains, & automobiles on tour of nation’s capital!

For the first time, Height scholars and chaperones had the adventure of flying to D.C. for their annual 7th grade trip. Their 4-day experience, lead by Principal Elisabeth LaMotte-Mitchell, included a full itinerary of museums, monuments, memorials, and the creation of many great memories! Some of the highlights included a visit to the Frederick Douglas House, a guided tour of the Capitol building, exploring the campus of Howard University, and catching a Nationals game. Not to mention, a full immersion into public transportation via subway and bus rides and walking more than 31 miles!

At the Frederick Douglas House, LaMotte-Mitchell observed, “Students left with his call to ‘agitate’ ringing in their ears,” and then, “visiting the Museum of African American History and Culture deepened their understanding of the historical experience of African Americans in the United States.” Scholars were fully immersed in Washington, D.C. and the significance of how what happens there impacts their lives. “On the guided tour of the Capitol building,” shared LaMotte-Mitchell, “students learned how the future is molded by those elected officials serving in both chambers. Students felt empowered to vote, run for office, and lead their generation. This group of 7th graders will agitate – they are inspired to push for equity in education and beyond.” While the scholars had an incredible learning experience, there was still time for playing football and relaxing on the National Mall, and attending a night game at Nationals Park. On the final day of the trip, students toured Howard University campus and were in awe of the potential opportunities that could await them. “Students saw themselves on Howard’s campus and for the first time for many, they imagined what college life could look like for them. Although our feet were sore from the many hills, there were smiles on every face and future plans being dreamed up,” beamed Principal LaMotte-Mitchell.