Dorothy Height Charter School is second highest ranked K-8 school in Nola

Top Growth data for the 2018-19 school year released today by the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) that measures individual student’s academic growth towards mastery shows that Dorothy Height Charter School Charter school is a Top Growth school with the second highest scores for an open enrollment school in New Orleans in ELA and Math, and continues to outperform the state average.

Height scores show that 59% of it’s 3-8th graders are on track to, or at, Mastery or above in ELA and 63% of it’s 3-8th graders are on track to, or at, Mastery or above in Math.

“We are continuing our pursuit of excellence! Every day we commit to guiding our student’s progress to a high standard and to recognize that the possibilities are endless. We are an open- enrollment school and we are moving students at rate comparable to most selective schools in New Orleans.  Being ranked the number 2 K-8 school is New Orleans is something that we are very proud of but there will always be room for improvement because the best is never enough for our students, ” said Elisabeth LaMotte-Mitchell, Principal at Dorothy Height Charter School. Dorothy Height Charter School serves nearly 900 PK-8 students in New Orleans.